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I’m an Avid Ultra-Marathon Runner: How Yoga Helps Me Train

Yoga has been growing in popularity among people of all interests and athletes of a diverse list of disciplines. The unique combination of strength, stability and flexibility enhancement is appealing to most that want to keep their bodies in optimum shape. The truth is that your body needs maintenance, and just pure physical exertion is not enough. You need to... Read More

Off the Mat, Eps 1 – Reader’s Questions

Hey, it’s our first episode of “Off the Mat” with Jonathan and Mike. Send us your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them. This week we talk about incorporating weight training into your yoga practice, and WHY Yoga FOR Men??? #YogaforMen #OfftheMat #ILovetheBurg #DTSP New episodes air each Monday @ 10am Eastern on and ... Read More

Inflexible Guys Need Yoga

Big, inflexible, or “old” stiff guys take notice: YOU NEED YOGA! If you’re not flexible, or think that you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible, that EXACTLY why you do the practice. Leave your ego at the door and venture into something you may not have tried before. Are you a big, inflexible guy? Discover what you’ve been missing.... Read More

Kristy Robinson’s Yoga Tips for Athletes: Hamstring Stretch

Tight hamstrings are a common culprit of lower back pain and frequently contribute to back injuries in athletes. The hamstrings are a finicky group of three muscles located on the backs of our thighs. When these muscles lose their elasticity they tend to lock the pelvis, removing the normal curve of the lumbar spine and flattening the lower back. This... Read More

Jason Papalio: Athletic Recovery Specialist

Jason Papalio believes in the healing power of yoga. He should. He experienced it first-hand. Today he is a talented yogi and trainer to college and professional athletes and teams, including the NY Cosmos. Overcoming Injury Through Yoga As a competitive athlete through out most of his life, Jason suffered numerous injuries. But it took a freak accident on the... Read More