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Off the Mat, Eps 3 – Yoga and PTSD

This week on “Off the Mat” we answer a question from a friend about what kind of yoga is good from someone suffering from PTSD. The answer is a little different than you might  think because this person is wheelchair-bound. New episodes air each Monday at 10am on and #YogaforMen ... Read More

Using Mindfulness to Get in the Zone

“He’s in the zone!” Everybody, sports fan or not, is familiar with this expression. But what, exactly, is this “zone” that we speak of? “The Zone” is that special place where an athlete is so focused on the game that nothing else exists. One word for this is mindfulness. Psychologists call it “flow.” Think of the night that Reggie Jackson... Read More

Yoga Terminology from Asana to Vinyasa

Walking into a yoga studio for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if it is not a beginner class. “All levels” might sound inviting (and it is!) but once you roll out your mat, confidence can turn to terror as the teacher calls for downward dog and everyone else seems to know exactly what to do. You ... Read More

Jelani Jenkins: On Mindfulness & Yoga for Athletes

As a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, Jelani Jenkins understands high-pressure situations. To handle the stress that he faces on the field and in every day life, he turns to mindfulness and yoga to help him stay in the game and in the moment. Like Jelani’s t-shirt? You can order yours here.  Jelani Jenkins Talks Mindfulness & Yoga for... Read More

Dan Harris: Hack Your Brain’s Default Mode with Meditation

Dan Harris explains the neuroscience behind meditation, but reminds us that the ancient practice isn’t magic and likely won’t send one floating into the cosmic ooze. He predicts that the exercise will soon become regularly scheduled maintenance, as commonplace as brushing your teeth or eating your veggies. Harris, an ABC News correspondent, was turned on to mediation after a live,... Read More

What Are You Doing to Deepen Your Yoga Practice?

Sometimes we yogis miss very clear opportunities during our daily lives to take our practice off of the mat and place it firmly and prominently into our every day existence. It can be all too easy to become comfortable with how we view our practice and the world around us. Yoga provides a wonderful toolbox for us to use to... Read More

Moving to Where You’re Least Comfortable

By my own admission, I’m certainly not the most amazing yogi in the world, and my better days of physicality are most likely behind me in a lot of ways, but I think that it’s important in times of moderate self-doubt to take pause and ask myself why do I do this. Why do I practice yoga? If I’m not... Read More