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I’m an Avid Ultra-Marathon Runner: How Yoga Helps Me Train

Yoga has been growing in popularity among people of all interests and athletes of a diverse list of disciplines. The unique combination of strength, stability and flexibility enhancement is appealing to most that want to keep their bodies in optimum shape. The truth is that your body needs maintenance, and just pure physical exertion is not enough. You need to... Read More

Think You Need to be Flexible to Enjoy Yoga? Think Again.

Think back to a time before you ever set foot on a yoga mat. When you thought about yoga, did you imagine svelte athletes twisting themselves into pretzel shapes? If that’s the case, you weren’t alone. When most people think about yoga, they picture all the most complex and advanced poses and immediately consider themselves too inflexible to keep up.... Read More

The Balanced Body – An Introduction to Yoga Therapeutics with Ross Rayburn

Join Ross Rayburn for a series of videos that use the precision of yoga therapeutic principles to not only avoid injury but also as way to elevate your daily yoga asana practice. These videos will be helpful for those interested in healing and are also recommended for intermediate and advanced students looking to transform their practice. The entire series of... Read More

Off the Mat, Eps 1 – Reader’s Questions

Hey, it’s our first episode of “Off the Mat” with Jonathan and Mike. Send us your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them. This week we talk about incorporating weight training into your yoga practice, and WHY Yoga FOR Men??? #YogaforMen #OfftheMat #ILovetheBurg #DTSP New episodes air each Monday @ 10am Eastern on and ... Read More

The Importance of Yoga for High Performing Athletes

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, improving balance, flexibility, and endurance of its followers. As it grows in popularity, it has been embraced by more and more athletes and top performers. No longer is it just for women in yoga pants or hippies. If you consider yoga to be a waste of time compared to lifting weights, you’d... Read More

3 Essential Items for Beginning Yoga

The first time you try a new sport, activity, or class, it can be intimidating. If you are considering yoga for the first time, and want to know more about what to expect and how to prepare, you’ve come to the right place. While there aren’t necessarily any items that you must have, we’ve outlined 3 essential yoga items that ... Read More