Category: Philosophy

Progression in Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a practice of intention, mindfulness, and paying attention to what is happening with your body and breath – moment by moment. By understanding the reason behind what we’re doing – and why – we can then begin to ask the deeper question of “Is this what is right for me in this moment?” The answer is always changing... Read More

Ahimsa in Your Yoga Practice

Mike Fecht discusses the yoga concept of Ahimsa, which is non-violence or non-harming, not only towards other but toward ourselves as well. The way you treat yourself on the yoga mat can often be a reflection of how you choose to operate in the world.   ... Read More

Yoga, PTSD, and Personal Growth

One of our primary goals at Yoga for Men is to help encourage people to look beyond the physical aspects of yoga, and consider the psychological and emotional benefits that yoga can provide. Our programs are designed not only to make you a fitter, healthier person, but someone who is open and ready for emotional and personal growth as well.... Read More

Using Mindfulness to Get in the Zone

“He’s in the zone!” Everybody, sports fan or not, is familiar with this expression. But what, exactly, is this “zone” that we speak of? “The Zone” is that special place where an athlete is so focused on the game that nothing else exists. One word for this is mindfulness. Psychologists call it “flow.” Think of the night that Reggie Jackson... Read More

5 Ways Yoga Improves Leadership Skills

Did you know that your yoga practice can impact your leadership skills? Yoga and meditation have been used for hundreds of years to promote self-improvement and a healthier mind and body. The influence of yoga and meditation on individuals and the skills learned during practice can provide benefits both in the studio and out. We’ve pulled together five ways yoga... Read More

Yoga: How it Looks vs. How it Feels

Look at the comments under any yoga pose selfie on social media. There’s almost a guarantee that someone will take it upon themselves to criticize the alignment. “The leg should be straight!” “Why is that knee bent?” And on and on. Even for seasoned yogis, it’s easy to forget that every yoga posture is always a work in progress. That’s ... Read More