A Message to Veterans from Dan Nevins on YfM.tv

You may have seen him on The View last week on Veterans Day or in a new commercial for Wounded Warrior Project. Dan Nevins has become a beacon in the Veteran and yoga communities, having lost both legs below the knee, as well as suffering a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) in an IED explosion in Iraq in 2004, only to find personal peace and a sense of purpose in helping other Veterans and people from all walks of life find healing he has through yoga and meditation not only at home, but around the world.

YfM was fortunate to film Dan out at Indigo Studios in Fort Worth, Texas in August for our Veterans Program and Study with USF. He contributed a number of classes as well as motivating content that will move you to take action, regardless of what obstacles you might be facing. Dan has a way of connecting with anyone, and is one of the most soulful people we’ve had the pleasure of working with at YfM.

If you are a Veteran or know of one who would benefit from our program, please have them register here – Vets.Yoga. We’re honored to work with people like Dan, and all of the incredible groups who have come together to make this unique online Yoga for Veterans program truly one of a kind.

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