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The Balanced Body – An Introduction to Yoga Therapeutics with Ross Rayburn

Join Ross Rayburn for a series of videos that use the precision of yoga therapeutic principles to not only avoid injury but also as way to elevate your daily yoga asana practice. These videos will be helpful for those interested in healing and are also recommended for intermediate and advanced students looking to transform their practice. The entire series of... Read More

Inflexible Guys Need Yoga

Big, inflexible, or “old” stiff guys take notice: YOU NEED YOGA! If you’re not flexible, or think that you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible, that EXACTLY why you do the practice. Leave your ego at the door and venture into something you may not have tried before. Are you a big, inflexible guy? Discover what you’ve been missing.... Read More

Get Closer to Your Partner with Couples Yoga

Imagine this: you are looking deep into the eyes of someone you love. You are so connected to her that you are breathing in sync. You clasp her hands, lean in slowly as she leans back and away from you, pulling you forward, releasing your hamstrings and adductor muscles. If that wasn’t where you expected the story to go, you... Read More

Yoga for Men, Miami Dolphins, and NFL Films

“At some point, I know that I told each of you that when someone out there hears about how you’ve incorporated yoga into your training, they’re gonna want to talk to you about it.” “And here we are.” I was addressing Jason Fox, Jelani Jenkins, Jamar Taylor and Olivier Vernon, all players for the Miami Dolphins of the NFL, and... Read More

Yoga and Meditation for Back Pain

The vast majority of us will, at some point in our lives, have to deal with the excruciating reality of spinal and neck pains, and for many of us, this sort of pain is an everyday reality we believe we simply have deal with and work through. Stiffness, aching, burning sensations and momentary stabs of discomfort are all things we... Read More