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Think You Need to be Flexible to Enjoy Yoga? Think Again.

Think back to a time before you ever set foot on a yoga mat. When you thought about yoga, did you imagine svelte athletes twisting themselves into pretzel shapes? If that’s the case, you weren’t alone. When most people think about yoga, they picture all the most complex and advanced poses and immediately consider themselves too inflexible to keep up.... Read More

Moving Into New Ways of Being

Nearly 10 years ago I reluctantly agreed to try a yoga class taught by a dear friend in NC.  I quickly realized every “pose” seemed painful and often felt like a “near-death experience.” A lifetime of athletics and years in the military resulted in nearly a dozen surgeries all graciously contributing to scar tissue and an abundance of stiffness.  A... Read More

Progression in Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a practice of intention, mindfulness, and paying attention to what is happening with your body and breath – moment by moment. By understanding the reason behind what we’re doing – and why – we can then begin to ask the deeper question of “Is this what is right for me in this moment?” The answer is always changing... Read More

Ahimsa in Your Yoga Practice

Mike Fecht discusses the yoga concept of Ahimsa, which is non-violence or non-harming, not only towards other but toward ourselves as well. The way you treat yourself on the yoga mat can often be a reflection of how you choose to operate in the world.   ... Read More

Yoga Beginners Review: Mystery Flow with Derrick Townsel

I have a confession to make. In this, my season of running marathons and running challenges, I have neglected other workouts like weight lifting, cycling, and yoga an effort to improve my running endurance for the races I’m competing in. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved yoga. It’s common knowledge that yoga improves flexibility and balance, all of which... Read More

3 Essential Items for Beginning Yoga

The first time you try a new sport, activity, or class, it can be intimidating. If you are considering yoga for the first time, and want to know more about what to expect and how to prepare, you’ve come to the right place. While there aren’t necessarily any items that you must have, we’ve outlined 3 essential yoga items that ... Read More