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Let’s Help Get Free Yoga for Vets

Yoga for Men has partnered with the University of South Florida College of Public Health to help conduct a clinical study on the effects of yoga and mindfulness on veterans and active duty military personnel. As part of this study, veterans and active duty personnel have the opportunity to receive free yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes for a year. There... Read More

Off the Mat, Eps 3 – Yoga and PTSD

This week on “Off the Mat” we answer a question from a friend about what kind of yoga is good from someone suffering from PTSD. The answer is a little different than you might  think because this person is wheelchair-bound. New episodes air each Monday at 10am on Facebook.com/YogaforMen and Youtube.com/YogaforMen. #YogaforMen ... Read More

Real (Older) Men Do Yoga Too

Older men from diverse backgrounds come together on the yoga mats of Chelsea Piers Sports Center in New York City. According to a study, 18.4 percent of yoga practitioners are now over age 55. Researchers have found regular practice leads to a reduction of chronic back pain, improved sleep quality and mood; a better sense of well-being and quality of... Read More

Yoga for Men, Miami Dolphins, and NFL Films

“At some point, I know that I told each of you that when someone out there hears about how you’ve incorporated yoga into your training, they’re gonna want to talk to you about it.” “And here we are.” I was addressing Jason Fox, Jelani Jenkins, Jamar Taylor and Olivier Vernon, all players for the Miami Dolphins of the NFL, and... Read More

How DDP Yoga and a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet Changed My Life

August 2013. At 39 years old, I was 5’10″ and weighed in at 285 lbs.  My cholesterol was way too high, my triglycerides were dangerously high, and to say that I was out of shape would be an understatement.  Although I had lifted weights for much of my adult life, I lacked any discernible flexibility.  Plus, although I happily accepted... Read More

TOUCH…and Healing on Many Levels (let’s get personal, real and deep)

Yoga practice of asanas, cuddling, affection, physical attention, sensuality, sexuality and emotionality – mentality – spirituality are all tied in to touch on many levels. It always surprises me and never surprises me when, as a massage therapist and with over 20 years of experience, I learn of people not ever having had a session or even liking to be... Read More

What Are You Doing to Deepen Your Yoga Practice?

Sometimes we yogis miss very clear opportunities during our daily lives to take our practice off of the mat and place it firmly and prominently into our every day existence. It can be all too easy to become comfortable with how we view our practice and the world around us. Yoga provides a wonderful toolbox for us to use to... Read More