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Mala Beads, Yoga, and Meditation

Mala beads are a mysterious part of yoga culture. They were first created in India over 3,000 years ago and have roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, and yoga. Available in a wide range of colors and materials, they are worn to help the user keep count during mantra meditations and prayer, as well as for beauty. If you’ve considered mala beads... Read More

Using Mindfulness to Get in the Zone

“He’s in the zone!” Everybody, sports fan or not, is familiar with this expression. But what, exactly, is this “zone” that we speak of? “The Zone” is that special place where an athlete is so focused on the game that nothing else exists. One word for this is mindfulness. Psychologists call it “flow.” Think of the night that Reggie Jackson... Read More

Managing PTSD with Yoga

I slept a total of about 2 hours last night. I remember seeing the clock at 4:30 a.m., and then my wife waking me up at 6:30 a.m. Sleep can be a challenge for me. “Have you tried _____ ???” I hear constantly. There’s not much I haven’t tried. I suffer from PTSD, and sleepless nights are just part of... Read More

Yogathon Charitable Event, November 8, 2014

We often get a lot of interesting emails here at Yoga for Men, but this is one we thought we’d like to share with you…Chris Eder is a great friend of Yoga for Men and he runs (and makes them as well) the website Mala for Vets. Chris recently gave a talk on Yoga and PTSD and the video... Read More

From Anger to Violence : Yoga and Meditation, Men and the NFL

No one wants to say it, but if we get to the heart of the matter, domestic violence and child abuse, or any violence for that matter, is not just an NFL issue, it’s a society issue and even deeper, a male anger issue. Yes, men, I’m speaking to you. It’s time to step up and face the music. It... Read More

Dan Harris: Hack Your Brain’s Default Mode with Meditation

Dan Harris explains the neuroscience behind meditation, but reminds us that the ancient practice isn’t magic and likely won’t send one floating into the cosmic ooze. He predicts that the exercise will soon become regularly scheduled maintenance, as commonplace as brushing your teeth or eating your veggies. Harris, an ABC News correspondent, was turned on to mediation after a live,... Read More

What Are You Doing to Deepen Your Yoga Practice?

Sometimes we yogis miss very clear opportunities during our daily lives to take our practice off of the mat and place it firmly and prominently into our every day existence. It can be all too easy to become comfortable with how we view our practice and the world around us. Yoga provides a wonderful toolbox for us to use to... Read More