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Progression in Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a practice of intention, mindfulness, and paying attention to what is happening with your body and breath – moment by moment. By understanding the reason behind what we’re doing – and why – we can then begin to ask the deeper question of “Is this what is right for me in this moment?” The answer is always changing... Read More

Ahimsa in Your Yoga Practice

Mike Fecht discusses the yoga concept of Ahimsa, which is non-violence or non-harming, not only towards other but toward ourselves as well. The way you treat yourself on the yoga mat can often be a reflection of how you choose to operate in the world.   ... Read More

Shift Your Practice from Studio to Home

  For many people, finding the time to visit the studio or gym to practice yoga can be difficult. Between work responsibilities, traveling, and family time, our lives are so busy and our time so limited that we have to be selective about our focus for each day. As a result, yoga sometimes falls to the wayside. How can we... Read More

From Anger to Violence : Yoga and Meditation, Men and the NFL

No one wants to say it, but if we get to the heart of the matter, domestic violence and child abuse, or any violence for that matter, is not just an NFL issue, it’s a society issue and even deeper, a male anger issue. Yes, men, I’m speaking to you. It’s time to step up and face the music. It... Read More